What do I need to do to hang posters on the Library bulletin boards?
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The Library has two bulletin boards available to the campus community*.  One is located on the second floor near elevators and one is located on the third floor in the collaborative study area.  All signs, fliers, and posters must meet UT Tyler Posting Guidelines.  All items must be taken to the Student Life and Leadership Office for approval and receive a dated stamp.  Approved items may be posted on bulletin boards ONLY.  Items must not be posted on doors, windows, walls, in restrooms, or left on desks or tables in the library.  All items not posted in the allowed locations will be removed.  Items posted on bulletin boards will be removed after the scheduled event takes place or within 24 hours after the date indicated on the approval stamp.

*The campus community consists of:

  • A registered faculty, staff or student organization
  • An administrative or academic department
  • An individual student, faculty or staff member
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