How much are overdue fines if my books are late?
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The Library charges fees for overdue material based on the user's status and the item borrowed.  A summary of Charges and Fines can be found on the Library website.  Library fines will continue to accumulate until items are returned.  To prevent excessive accumulation of fines, return items to the Help Desk as soon as possible even if you cannot pay the fines immediately.  Students should keep in mind that if fines exceed $10.00, University records will be placed on hold preventing enrollment and/or release of transcripts.

Library fines can be avoided by understanding your library privileges.  Privileges are also determined by the user's status and the item type.  Our Borrowing Privileges chart can be found on the Library's website. 

Library fines can be paid in the Library with cash or check.  Temporary and international checks are not accepted.  University cashiers can accept credit or debit payments for library fines either in person or by phone.  They are located in STE 230, phone 903.566.7180.  When making payment with the Cashiers Office, they need to be informed that the payment is for a library fine so credit will be applied correctly and the Library will be notified to remove fines and holds.

If you have questions about late items and fines, email your question to:, or call 903.566.7342.  To protect users' privacy, library staff is prohibited by law from giving detailed information on the phone about any library account or items checked-out on that account, but will respond to general questions on the phone and provide details via University email or a courtesy member's email given at registration.

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