How do I find an article with a DOI in CINAHL?
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You can access the CINAHL database from the library webpage by clicking on the Databases tab in the search box and pulling it up under Select by Title.

There is no way to limit a search in CINAHL to articles with or without a DOI, but if you limit your search to articles published before 2000 (when the DOI program started) you are more likely to get results without a DOI. Likewise, if you limit your search to more recent articles you are more likely to get a result with a DOI. Here is a screenshot of how to limit your search by year.

Date limiter set to start year of 2007 and end year of 2012 in CINAHL advanced search.

Once you have selected an article click the title to go into the detailed record.

From the detailed record you can use the citation information to see if a DOI appears in the record. If you don't see one, double check that the article does not have a DOI by looking it up on Refer to the following FAQ for more information:

What is a DOI? How do I find out if an article has a DOI?

Arrow pointing to the DOI in the detailed record.



























When you are ready to cite the record you can use EBSCO's built in cite functionality, but be sure to double check it against APA standards. Automatically generated citations like this are not 100% accurate. For more information on the APA format, check out our Citation Guide.

EBSCO's auto-citation functionality.

If you've found an article without a DOI and need to access the URL for your citation click the permalink button on the right hand side. Once you have clicked that button the URL will appear above the title of the article.

EBSCO Permalink

As always, if you have additional questions or need more help feel free to contact the Help Desk at  903.566.7343 or 903.566.7342, by chat, or by email at

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