When using Interlibrary Loan Services, is there a cost to borrow from another library?
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Muntz Library does not charge for the use of our Interlibrary Loan Service.  However, our borrowers must pay any fees charged by a lending library up to the amount indicated in the 'Amount Willing to Pay' field on the request form.  Entering $0.00 or leaving this field blank indicates that you do not wish to pay for the item.  If a free lender is not available, the loan request will be canceled with an email notification stating that you may resubmit and the minimum amount needed to borrow.  Please note that resubmitting the request does not guarantee that the lender will fill the request.

If you have questions regarding your interlibrary loans, you may contact the ILL office at 903-566-7396 or ill@uttyler.edu


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