Where are the business books?
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Business is a very broad and interdisciplinary topic. You may want to narrow your focus and try searching for topics of interest in the Library Catalog (change the Search Scope from SwoopSearch to Library Catalog).

That said, the Library is organized according to the Library of Congress classification system. The letters and numbers that make up our call numbers correspond to specific subjects. Most business related materials can be found in the H's, specifically HB through HJ.

HB: Economic theory. Demography.

HC: Economic history and conditions.

HD: Industries. Land Use. Labor.

HE: Transportation and Communications.

HF: Commerce.

HG: Finance.

HJ: Public Finance.

There will be business books in the Reference Area on the second floor which cannot be checked out, but may be used within the Library.  Business books that can be checked out will be on the third floor in the book stacks.  Many of our most current business books will be eBooks, available either through our Library Catalog or through SwoopSearch.

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