How do I place a hold on an eBook?
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Some eBooks have a simultaneous user limit that prevents multiple people from accesing them at once. When someone else is using an EBSCO eBook you are given the option to place a hold.

When you place a hold on an EBSCO eBook you will receive a notification in your e-mail as soon as the book becomes available. At that point you will have 24 hours to access the book before it will be made available to other users.

Step 1: Click "Sign In Now"

Step 2: Sign in with your MyEBSCOhost Account or Create a New Account. This is free and easy. It is separate from your PatriotsID and library accounts.

Step 3:  Confirm your email address and place the hold.

Confirm your email

You're Done!

It is sometimes possible for the Library to purchase additional users for an existing eBook. If you are using an eBook as part of a class assignment or believe it will be popular for some other reason, please send requests to increase the user limit to your Library Liaison or

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