Who was Robert R. Muntz?
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Robert Roland (Bob) Muntz (1923-1978) was a native of Sylvannia, Ohio. He entered basic training for World War II at Camp Fannin, Tyler, and it was during this time (summer 1943) that he met Maurine Genecov. After serving in the Army in Europe several years, including during the Battle of the Bulge, he married Maurine Genecov on June 1, 1947. After the war, he completed a baccalaureate degree in chemistry from the University of Toledo. After graduating from the University of Toledo, he moved to Austin to teach chemistry at The University of Texas. His first job was as a research chemist for Southland Paper Mills in Lufkin, Texas. He then moved to Tyler to work at Roosth & Genecov as head of the construction department and as secretary-treasurer of Roosth & Genecov Production Company. Mr. Muntz was a devoted husband and father, an avid orchid grower, a noted collector of art and an ardent philologist.

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