I can't print out my document. I have an Apple product: MAC laptop, Ipad, Iphone
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1. We don't have remote printing yet, so you need to transfer your document to our computers in the library.

2. Save the document as a .doc or .pdf file. Apple products produce Pages files, which can't be read on the computers in the library.

3. How to save a Pages document as a .doc or .pdf:  The conversion program should be in place to change the document. If your device is older, you might need to download the iWorks app.

3a. On your device, open the Pages file, right click on File, click on Export, select Word or pdf format.

4. Printing the document:

4a. If you have a USB port on your device, we can lend you a flash drive. Add the file to the flash drive, log into library computer, insert flash drive, print the file.

4b. If you don't have a USB port, keep your device on, email the document to your email account. Log into the library computer, open your email, download the document, and send to the library printers.

4c. If you don't have a USB port, keep your device open, open ICloud.com, put your document (as .doc or .pdf) in the Pages section, log out from ICloud. Log into the library computer, open up ICloud in a browser, right click on the document that you want, and select print.

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