I lost a personal item (e.g., flash drive, keys, ID, etc.) in the Library. What do I do?
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Please visit or call the Circulation desk at 903.566.7342 to ask about a lost item. 

Items found in the library are held at the Circulation Desk for a period of time before being sent to Campus Police, Cashiers Office, or being discarded.  Reasonable attempts to notify the owner will be made before transfer or disposal. 

Items of value, including wallets, keys, licenses, phones, etc., are held until the Library closes.  At closing, these items are given to campus security to be logged into Campus Police Lost and Found.  In rare cases, security may be called immediately to take an item.

For the protection of our patrons, any document containing social security numbers, bank account or similar information will be shredded if immediate attempts to contact the owner are not successful.  Photo ID will be required to release the document(s) to the owner.

Clothing, items of minimal value and other items not accepted by Campus PD will be retained by Circulation until claimed or the end of the semester. Clothing will be donated to local charitable organizations.

University P2 cards are held by Circulation for one week.  An email notice will be sent to the owner's university email.  If not claimed within seven (7) days, cards are sent to the Cashiers Office and may be claimed there. 

Flash drives are retained by Circulation for the current and previous semesters.

For more information, contact Circulation.

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