How do I access SwoopSearch from off campus?
Last Updated: May 03, 2017     Views: 62

From off campus you should be able to do a search in SwoopSearch from the library homepage or go to the advanced search option, but some results and content will not show up until you sign in.

At the top of the screen within SwoopSearch you should see a yellow message that says "Hello, Guest. Login for full access." Click the message.

You will get the UT Tyler Library's off campus authentication screen which looks like this. Login with your Patriots credentials.

Any other login links or requests can be ignored. They are for extra features like saving documents to a folder and highlighting within an interface - but they are not necessary for accessing any library provided content.

One exception is if you want to download the full text of ebooks from EBSCOhost. To do that you will need to create a free EBSCOhost account and login to that in addition to your login to the library authentication system. More information about EBSCOhost accounts can be found here: EBSCOhost acount is not necessary to view the full text of an ebook in your browser window.

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