How much of an eBook can I print?
Last Updated: May 03, 2017     Views: 60

When you download an eBook, you will be able to print some of it but not all of it.

Let's assume the eBook you've downloaded is from our "eBooks on Demand" (or EBL) platform...

The number of pages you are allowed to print varies from book to book, but will never exceed 20% of the book. For example, if an eBook has 200 pages you can only print 40 pages from that book.

Printing restrictions are set and enforced by the publisher, not by us. There is no way for us to change the number of pages you can print.

In the EBL Reader (where you downloaded the eBook), you can see the number of remaining pages you have left to print by clicking the "Print" button at the top of the screen. Here, you will be able to see your printing summary for that eBook.

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