How do I create a permanent URL to an article or library resource?
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Resources that the Library pays for require authentication. They can only be accessed by UT Tyler students, faculty and staff. For this reason the URLs that appear in your browser window are often session specific and won't work for other users or from off campus. To create a URL with staying power use the tips below.

Tip 1: Look for a "Permanent Link", "Permalink", "Stable URL" or "Persistant URL"

Many library resources have a place that lists the permanent link to an article on the citation page. Here are a few examples.

SwoopSearch (and all EBSCO databases)

Arrow pointing to the permalink button on the right side navigation bar in SwoopSearch


ProQuest Digital Dissertations and Theses (click on the Citation/Abstract link and scroll to the bottom)

Tip 2: Add the Off-Campus (EZProxy) Prefix

To work from off campus, URLs must begin with the EZProxy Prefix. The EZProxy Prefix is "" Often this will be included in the permalink described above. If not, simply add it to the beginning of your permanent link to create a URL that will work on or off campus. For example:

Works only on campus:

Works on or off campus:

Note: The exception to this are eBooks on Demand and ebrary eBooks. Their URLs are already UT Tyler specific.

Tip 3: Test it

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that you have a permenant URL is to test it from an off-campus computer.

If you need more help, contact the Reference Desk at 903.566.7343 or by email to

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