How do I get the full text of an article I found in Google Scholar?
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If you find an article in Google Scholar, you can check if the library has full text by using the Journals by Title tool. There you can search the library's holdings of print and online journals by title. If you are a frequent Google Scholar user, considering setting up Library Links in your profile for a quicker way to access full text.

Below is a picture of where the journal title appears in Google Scholar results.

Arrow pointing to journal title in Google Scholar

In this result the journal title is Journal of the American Statistical Association, and the article is from 1979. We have the journal online through JSTOR and in Microfilm, as you can see in the screenshot below from the Journals by Title tool.

journals holdings from the library's Journals by Title tool

You will have to click the JSTOR link (or other database as applicable) and navigate to the correct year and volume using that interface. Some databases allow you to search within the journal, with others you will have to browse to the correct article. If you have any questions, contact the Reference Desk at 903.566.7343 or

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